Arcadia Wood

Arcadia Wood is a venue for eco-health projects, courses and training. It also hosts local community woodland members and those interested in traditional woodland management.


Ancient, broad-leafed trees surround a landscaped water garden. Streams are fed by springs in the wood. They flow to the lake through a system of small settlement ponds. The lake is overlooked by the renovated boat house. This serves as a nature observation post.

Traditional woodland management is evident. There are areas of coppice rotation and hedge laying. Charcoal is made on site and there is a green wood shelter with pole lathe and shaving brakes.


We encourage a sense of being and belonging in the natural world. This is fundamental to our good health and to that of the planet on which we co-exist.

We respect, nurture and learn from our natural environment.

We promote a harmony between ecology, health and spirit.

Community woodland

Winter is the time for most woodland work, including coppicing, hedge-laying, tree thinning, and tree planting. There are days arranged with the Abergavenny Community Woodland group, who help manage the coppice area and make charcoal.

Please contact Andrew Michie to confirm dates and schedule of planned activity.


Andrew Michie
0779 5517011

Claire Love
0776 6767073